building a privacy fenceLike most Americans, you probably value your privacy. You love meeting the neighbors and making friends, but it’s also nice to have that extra layer of privacy and security. It’s comforting to know that strangers aren’t watching your kids play in the backyard. One way to help improve your privacy is building a privacy fence. Even those of you who aren’t super handy with tools may be surprised at how easy building a privacy fence is. It just takes some care, some time, some help, and following the right steps.

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The Steps to Building a Privacy Fence


Determine Your Property Boundaries

This can be done easily with a metal detector.


Determine Proper Fence Height.

On flat ground, 6 ft is probably plenty. If your neighbors have a high deck, consider making the fence a little higher. If there’s a hill slope, you can go lower than 6 ft. Be sure to not waste materials.


Apply for a Permit

Learn the local rules first before starting the project. Just because your cousin in Memphis built a fence one way doesn’t mean your local ordinance allows you to build the fence the same way!


Space Posts 8 Feet Apart

This helps prevent the fence from bowing or bending.


Don’t Forget to Include Gates!

Plan for extra-wide gates that you can secure from your side of the fence. Also, plan to have one panel of the fence be removable, in case you need a truck to get in your yard for grass seeding or mulch.


Ask Some Friends to Help

Tasks go a lot faster when everyone lends a hand. Don’t forget to thank them with some pizza or beer!


Paint or Stain!

From here it’s really a matter of making the fence look how you want. We’re always fans of beautiful stained wood. But painted fence can add a lot of fun color and personality to your home.



Congratulations! You’ve just made a nice privacy fence, and helped to up the resale value of your home! Relax in the privacy of your backyard and enjoy the summer breeze!


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