We love the many towns, neighborhoods, and suburbs of Charleston, South Carolina. Each one has its own distinct flavor and reasons to love it! Goose Creek, SC is a beautiful suburb of Charleston that has all the trappings of a great South Carolina community. With wonderful recreational opportunities, an amazing golf course, and an inspiring plan for the future, Goose Creek is an attractive option for families moving to the Lowcountry. Find out about the wonderful amenities that Goose Creek, SC has to offer, and schedule a trip to check it out for yourself.  


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3 Things to Know About Goose Creek, SC


Family Recreation That Everyone Will Enjoy


Goose Creek, SC offers amazing recreational opportunities for its residents. City staff has developed a wide range of programming, including sports, the arts, special events, aquatics, and more. Recreation facilities are well-maintained and include two major centers. The Goose Creek Community Center is a large facility, housing two gymnasiums, a fitness center, walking track, climbing wall, and more. The Casey Community Center is smaller, but no less useful, containing a large multi-purpose room and another room for rent. This community center hosts most of the city’s youth programs and community education classes.


Tee Up at Crowfield Golf Club


Crowfield Golf Club is a premier course equipped to meet all your golfing needs. Tee up at the course seven days a week, with the option to play a quick 9-hole round or the full 18. If you are new to the sport, visit the rolling greens for a lesson. Juniors and adults can meet with Bobby Donnellan, PGA for individual instruction. Regular, experienced golfers may want to consider a membership. Plans are available for families, individuals, military personnel, seniors, corporations, and more!


The Future of Goose Creek, SC


Goose Creek, SC is a growing community with a deep commitment to its residents and culture. The Comprehensive Plan outlines the future of the city in clear terms, using five “guiding principles” to set development goals:


  • “Goose Creek will strive to maintain a balance between green and open spaces and a growing population spurring new development;

  • Goose Creek will promote reinvestment in existing residential and commercial neighborhoods in order to provide options to a diverse population;

  • Goose Creek will maintain the exceptional level of safety and security of its residents as well as the protection and preservation of its natural and cultural resources;

  • Goose Creek will continue to provide planned infrastructure in order to adequately support designated and compact future growth; and

  • Goose Creek will continue to promote excellence in education through the provision of exceptional public schools, enabling the local populace to meet the needs and qualifications of existing and prospective businesses and industries.”


Read the full plan to get a more thorough glimpse into Goose Creek, SC’s bright future. It will be a close-knit community with a demonstrated appreciation for both nature and neighbor. This city will be a great place to raise a family for years to come!


Find Your Place in Goose Creek, SC


When you’re ready to make the move to Goose Creek, SC, Infinity Realty can help! Our expert staff led by Bob Chambers has the knowledge and experience to guide you to a place that meets your needs and desires. We are happy to assist you in deciding on the best spot in the Lowcountry for you and your family. Contact us today! We are ready and waiting to help you find your perfect home!