Angel Oak TreeCharleston, South Carolina is known for its astounding natural beauty & the Angel Oak Charleston attraction is the essence of natural Lowcountry beauty. The Angel Oak is a massive oak tree estimated to be between 300-400 years old. The Angel Oak tree has delighted tourists & locals alike with its loveliness. If you are planning to move to Charleston, SC this tree is an absolute must-see. Here is what you should know about the Angel Oak Charleston tree before you witness the wonder for yourself!

Discover the Angel Oak Charleston History

The name “Angel Oak” comes from the original owners of the land, Justis & Martha Angel. It is likely one of the oldest trees this side of the Mississippi River. Of course, a tree that old has significance throughout all of Charleston, South Carolina’s long history. Even back then, the spot was revered & considered almost sacred within Charleston.

The old wood has weathered much, including notable Hurricane Hugo back in September of 1989. The city of Charleston officially acquired the tree in 1991 & established it as one of the city’s protected attractions. Because of its extended age, the branches have grown outward in addition to upwards. They have grown so long & heavy that most of them rest comfortably on the ground. This gives the tree its distinctive & mysterious look.


Today, the Angel Oak Charleston attraction is one of the most popular tourist spots in South Carolina. You can take a walk under its large & beautiful branches while imagining yourself inside of a fairytale land. It’s easy to believe that some magic happens around this tree, when nobody is around to see it. The passion of the local citizens reflects the importance of Angel Oak to this city. When they feared that development would endanger the tree, both Charleston men & women raised money & awareness to help protect it. Now, thanks to the efforts & time of those citizens, the tree is still available for everyone to enjoy.


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