backyard patio ideasOne of our favorite things to do is relax on the backyard patio and enjoy the evening air. With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to really spruce up your backyard patio. A beautiful, well-kept backyard patio not only makes your house look great for you, but your guests will be begging to come over whenever they can. It’s also a great way to add re-sell value to your home, and so many of these backyard patio ideas can be done on a budget! Here are some great, easy backyard patio ideas to take your home to the next level.

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4 Awesome and Easy Backyard Patio Ideas


A Living Fence

A living fence is a super easy idea to make your backyard patio feel like an enchanted garden. This effect can be done quite easily by “training” and pruning the trees — called espalier — to grow how you want. It’s a little bit time consuming at first, since you have to keep on top of pruning the branches as they grow. But the effect is magnificent, and your guests will be sure to notice the effort you put into it.


Get Creative with Seating

Wicker chairs are fairly cheap and have the classic backyard feel, but they’re quite commonplace nowadays. To really make your backyard patio stand out, experiment with new kinds of seating. Work with the space you have, such as an L-shaped wooden bench. Or, buy some cheap concrete blocks and make a bench, which you can then adorn with a comfortable seating top and pillows. Why go traditional when you can put your own personal style on things?



Lighting can absolutely make or break the atmosphere of your patio. There’s tons of exterior lighting ideas for you to try, and so many of them are budget friendly. String up patio lights, or Chinese Lanterns. Or, set out safe candles. The warm, inviting glow of your backyard patio will keep everyone coming back for more.


Gardens and Garden Stones

Those of you with a green thumb will love taking care of a garden in your backyard. If you don’t have a green thumb, then you can always fake one! Buy easy-to-manage flowers and set out some accent stones in the area. You’ll look like you spent hours and hours of work on it, when really it was a breeze!


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