Like most people in Charleston, South Carolina, you probably enjoy your privacy at home. You love meeting the neighbors & making friends, but it’s also nice to have the options of solitude & security, & one way to help improve your privacy is by building a privacy fence. Plus, it’s a bonus if you have children & have the comfort of knowing that they can play safely in your backyard. So even if you aren’t someone who is super handy with tools, we have the steps that will surprise you with how easy building a privacy fence can be. It just takes some time, help, & following the right steps!


Steps to Building a Privacy Fence:


Determine Your Property Boundaries

One way is finding your property lines online. Yes, that’s right! Your county may have online maps for all of the real estate in your area which can be accessed through the official county or assessor's website. Another option is hiring a professional surveyor to determine your property lines, or you can purchase a metal detector (if you don’t already own one), & locate where the survey pins are in your yard. Survey pins are thin iron bars, two to three feet long, which the original survey crew inserted on the property lines. This can also be used as a fun treasure hunt for you & your family!


Determine the Best Fence Height

On flat ground, 6 ft. is probably plenty but if your neighbors have a high deck in their backyard, you may want to consider making the fence a little higher. Or, if your neighbor already has a privacy fence of their own, it is always nice to match the material as this can make the appearance of your fences much cleaner, & also give it better appeal to any future buyers.


Apply for a Permit

Learn the local rules first before starting the project & also check with your Homeowners Association if you have one. HOAs have the right to mandate the style, height, & maintenance of the fence you are wanting to build in order to keep the neighborhood looking more uniformed or organized. So, if your HOA wants all property fences to match, you won’t have much wiggle room.


Space Posts 8 Feet Apart

This will help prevent the fence from bowing or bending.


Don’t Forget to Include Gates

Plan to attach a door or gate in your fencing that you can secure from the inside of the fence. This is important in case you need to get in your yard for cutting the grass, taking out the trash & recycling bins, etc.


Ask Some Friends to Help

Tasks go a lot faster when you have some helping hands. But don’t forget to thank them with some food & drinks!


Last, Enjoy!

Congratulations! You just built your first privacy fence, & possibly increased the value of your home! Now, go relax in the privacy of your backyard & enjoy the beautiful Charleston, SC weather!


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