buying a historic homeBuying a historic home may be a dream, but it’s not without its pitfalls. When purchasing a historic home, there are things to consider which don’t apply to normal houses. Sometimes, new buyers get so excited at the prospect of owning a historical house that they forget to study any special needs, such as specialized upkeep. Fortunately, our team here at Infinity Realty has plenty of experience when it comes to buying a historic home. Charleston, SC is full of them! So if you’re thinking about purchasing a historic house for yourself, here’s some important things to consider:

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What to Know Before Buying a Historic Home


Get Familiar With the Historic District

Every historic town or city has some kind of preservation organization. Their goal is to preserve the look and feel of old, historic buildings so that they stand the test of time. In Charleston, SC, for example, the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) oversees the preservation of historic houses. Whatever changes you make to your house, even something as small as the paint color, require approval from the BAR. When purchasing a historic home, you also pay an easement, which are legally binding, basically agreeing not to make unapproved changes to the house. It can limit your creative options, but on the plus side, it may qualify you for a federal tax deduction.


It Can be Expensive

Remember the whole idea of “preservation” extends inside as well as outside. Put simply, repairs and upkeep for your historic house can get a bit pricey. You may need to purchase certain materials or resort to older means of repair in order to preserve your house’s look and feel. Make sure in advance that you’re putting extra money aside.


It May Have Some Quirks

Old houses can sometimes mean old problems. Your house could have central heating problems, leading to, for example, cold drafts at night or in wintertime. Fortunately, Charleston stays pretty balmy most days of the year! These problems can be troublesome or expensive to fix within regulations, so you may need to prepare  to adjust your way of living to accommodate your new home.


Choose Infinity Realty, Historically a Fantastic Real Estate Team

We don’t mean to frighten you off the idea of buying a historic home. Far from it! Living in a historic house can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. We only want to make sure that potential buyers know the reality of what they’re getting into. When you’re looking to buy a home in Charleston, historic or otherwise, make a call to Infinity Realty today. Our team of experts led by Bob Chambers are some the most professional agents you’ll encounter, and will give you the easiest home-buying experience imaginable. We can help you determine your top priorities and find a place that accommodates both your tastes and your budget. Our staff knows the Lowcountry well and is acquainted with all of the facilities, resources, and services available in each community. We’ll make sure to fit you with a home you’ll love!