The Calhoun Mansion is an amazing site to see. This 19-century Charleston home has become an attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. The 24,000 square foot home contains 35 separate rooms, each boasting regal 14-foot ceilings. The decorations and adornments of the home give it an opulent glory usually reserved for castles. A breathtaking peek into the history, style, and aspirations of Charlestonians, the Calhoun Mansion is definitely worth a visit when you’re in the Holy City.



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The History of the Calhoun Mansion



The Calhoun Mansion was built in 1876. The dazzling structure was commissioned by George Walton Williams, a prominent businessman and humanitarian of his day. Determined to make a statement about Charleston’s reemergence after the Civil War, he paid $200,000 for the construction of the grand residence, and another $40,000 for the land. William P. Russel designed the house, but it took hundreds of local artisans to turn his vision into a reality. It took five years.



After the death of its owner in 1903, the home changed hands several times. Slowly, it deteriorated and was condemned in 1972, just four years before its centennial. Luckily, the mansion was saved when a Charleston native bought the home. Over the course of 25 years, and at a cost of approximately 5 million dollars, the home was restored. The Calhoun Mansion stands at 16 Meeting Street today as a reminder of history and a monument to great craftsmanship.



Calhoun Mansion Tours



The Calhoun Mansion is open for tours on a regular basis. Touring begins at 11 am and start every hour and half hour until the last tour, which starts at 5 pm (4:30 pm during the winter season). All visitors are welcome to enjoy the mansion’s beautiful gardens before and after they view the home. Save time when you purchase your tickets in advance and prepare to be inspired by this amazing historic mansion!



Enjoy More Charleston History When You Move to the Lowcountry



The Calhoun Mansion is just one of the Lowcountry’s intriguing attractions. With a rich history unlike anywhere else in the state, Charleston is full of interesting things to see and learn about. The city’s past has been preserved well in some of its architecture; history buffs will love diving into the culture of this unique area!


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