There’s a very good reason that Charleston, SC, consistently ranks among the top cities in the world. Natural beauty, incredible architecture, and a rich history await you around every corner and cobblestone road here. But, if you are looking to explore one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, you must visit Charleston Battery Park! Originally built as a public park, the area was an important part of South Carolina’s defense strategy during the Civil War. Today, it is quite a popular attraction for Charleston residents and tourists alike. Here’s what to expect when you go!


The History Behind the Charleston Battery in SC

Built-in 1670, Charleston Battery Park is a defensive seawall and promenade along the lower end of the peninsula. It is bordered by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, overlooking the Charleston Harbor. Large caliber guns were placed along the park during the War of 1812 when the British blockaded the harbor. During the Civil War, the Confederacy placed cannons here to protect against a possible Union invasion. Although these cannons were never fired, they still stand today, reminding visitors of bygone eras.


Experience Charleston Battery Park

In addition to its historical background, The Battery in downtown Charleston is one of the most scenic areas in the city. Lined by antebellum mansions and palmetto trees, the promenade is the ideal spot for an afternoon stroll. Take a leisurely walk beside the water and watch the waves crash against the seawall. In the distance, you’ll spot Fort Sumter, the famous locale where the Civil War began. You can also see Castle Pinckney, the USS Yorktown, Fort Moultrie, and Sullivan's Island. Make sure to keep an eye out for dolphins! They are likely to be splashing in the harbor. Within the park itself, there are plenty of shady spots for a picnic or a peaceful afternoon nap. At the center of the Battery is White Point Garden, which is named for the bleached oyster shells that cover the ground. This picturesque park is filled with mossy live oaks, historic statues, memorials, cannons, and a whimsical white gazebo. This area ~ particularly the gazebo ~ is a popular area for weddings and engagement photos. If you get hungry, a short walk into downtown Charleston leads you to a variety of local restaurants and shops. And, best of all, no matter how far away from the Battery you live, it’s always accessible to you. It’s one of the rare locations in the city where parking is completely free! Especially when the weather is warm, there’s no reason not to drive, walk or bicycle down to Charleston Battery Park!


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