The Charleston Greek Festival is a long-standing community tradition honoring the contributions of Greek culture. It holds the distinction of being Charleston’s oldest and third largest festival. Held from Friday to Sunday on Mother’s Day Weekend, the festival is a great way to enjoy beautiful spring weather with your family and friends. Come celebrate, eat, and drink at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church during the next installment of this amazing annual event!



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Enjoy the Food at the Charleston Greek Festival



The food at the Charleston Greek Festival is one of the tastiest ways to immerse yourself in Greek culture over the weekend. Partake in Taverna Dining specials upstairs in the Hellenic Center and in Mayflower Park. Snack on traditional specialties like dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) and spanakopita (layers of flaky buttered filo dough stuffed with spinach and feta cheese). If you’re in the mood for a hearty meal, venture outside to one of the grills for a gyro, kabob or roasted lamb platter.

Don’t forget dessert - Greek pastries are just what you need to satisfy a sweet tooth! Try out one of the several varieties of baklava available if you want something tried-and-true. The bougatsa (filo dough filled with custard and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar) are slightly reminiscent of cannoli because of the creamy filling, though many argue the bougatsa is superior. Loukoumades are another crowd-pleaser. These honey-dipped Greek donuts are topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar.



Finally, wash it all down with an authentic Greek coffee, beer or wine! Check out the full menu to explore all the options you’ll have for great drinks and dining!



Watch Traditional Greek Performances



As if the food isn’t reason enough to make sure you attend the Charleston Greek Festival, you’ll also have the opportunity to watch exciting Greek dance performances. Dancers adorned in beautiful traditional garb will be entertaining crowds several times throughout the weekend. Get your cardio done for the day and dance along, or watch, listen and enjoy from the crowd. Check the event schedule to find out when your favorite groups are performing.



Tour the Amazing Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity



Before you leave the Charleston Greek Festival, make sure you take a tour of the gorgeous Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity. The church, built in 1953, is a work of art. Designed in traditional Byzantine style, the icons and stained glass windows are a sight to see. Leave inspired by the beauty of this house of worship!



Enjoy More Charleston Festivals When You Move to the Lowcountry



The Charleston Greek Festival is just one of the Lowcountry’s amazing annual celebrations. The area contains a wealth of cultures, artists, and enthusiasts with their own fun events. There is always something new to do in Charleston, and when you make the move here, you’ll never be bored!



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