Charleston landmarksCharleston is a city of wonders. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the city to experience its charming culture, relaxing atmosphere, and fascinating history. The locals who live here love it every day, also! One of the best things about Charleston is that it’s filled with so many interesting landmarks. Whether you’re visiting Charleston or a local wanting to experience even more of what makes this city special, here are some Charleston landmarks you’re sure to want to see.

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Five Popular Charleston Landmarks


The Arthur J Ravenel Bridge

Quite possibly the iconic image of Charleston is the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. Towering over the city, this beautiful suspension bridge is the perfect marriage of form and function. Driving over it offers breathtaking views of the riverfront, downtown, and the surrounding area. It’s also quite a popular jogging spot for running enthusiasts, and there’s an annual Bridge Run that’s one of the most popular events of the year!


Fort Sumter

One of the most famous wars in American history all began here. You can see Fort Sumter from the mainland battery area, and during selected times you can go and visit the fort via boat tour.


Waterfront Park

The park is a beautiful spot to walk along the water and relax in the comfortable Charleston climate. The pineapple-shaped water fountain is a particularly popular attraction and photo spot for tourists.


Historic Charleston City Market

From one end of Market Street to the other, this historic market is always packed with people wanting to take a little slice of Charleston home with them. Vendors sell their homemade seagrass baskets, wire art, and more! It’s also a historic location — ages ago, the slaves would gather to sell their own wares. Now, the market is both an important connection to history and a great spot to find incredible goods like no other!


Magnolia Plantation

When you think the South, you think historic plantations, and the lowcountry is no exception to them! Magnolia Plantation is a particularly popular landmark, attracting tourists from around the world every year. Walk through the plantation house and learn about its long history. You can also get lost in the massive gardens that feel like entering another world altogether. Definitely a can’t-miss spot!


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