Education is the most important thing any person could have, & it doesn't matter whether you are moving to Charleston, New York, or anywhere else in the country; you want to ensure that your child has the best access to education. In many cases, a private school is a wonderful option, & Charleston, SC has excellent options that will ensure your child receives the best scholarly experience in the lowcountry! Here are a few Charleston, SC private schools you should consider!


Charleston’s Top Private Schools:


Ashley Hall, Downtown Charleston, SC

Parents hoping to raise the next generation of refined, ambitious young women will definitely want to check out Ashley Hall in Downtown Charleston. Founded in 1909, Ashley Hall carries a long-standing tradition of an all-girls education. The Ashley Hall mission is to “produce an educated woman who is independent, ethically responsible, & prepared to meet the challenges of society with confidence.” Their unique philosophy, "The Learning Spiral” helps educators carry out their mission & prepare students for further schooling. Ashley Hall’s profound academic curriculum provides a valuable learning experience for females ages 2 through 12th grade. Your daughter will not only get a valuable education but will make lasting friendships, as well.


Bishop England High School, Daniel Island, SC

Bishop England High School on Daniel Island, SC serves students grades 9 through 12 & their program offers three different levels of college-preparatory education. Students are placed based on their abilities, & the curriculum is tailored for optimal learning at each level. Bishop England High School also offers a wide range of athletic & extracurricular activities. Additionally, the school makes an effort to promote community service & giving back to those around them. Their program creates students who are well-educated, well-rounded, & responsible.


Charles Towne Montessori School, Charleston, SC

Montessori is a method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori over a century ago. This method promotes engaging the child through promoting self-discovery & making education enjoyable instead of tiring or stressful. The educators at Charles Towne Montessori School are proud to carry on in this educational tradition. Teachers guide each student through a carefully crafted curriculum that demonstrates respect & positive reinforcement. The school takes on toddler level, primary level (ages 3-6) & elementary level (ages 6-12).


Charleston Collegiate School, Johns Island, SC

Charleston Collegiate School is a preschool through 12th-grade institution split into a Lower School (Preschool-Grade 4), a Middle School (grades 5-8) & an Upper School (grades 9-12). The liberal arts program that they offer helps develop students academically, athletically & artistically. Charleston Collegiate's Four Pillars that they offer are a project-based learning, fine arts & creativity, leadership through outdoor education, and, finally, financial literacy & entrepreneurship. Teachers actively engage students & prepare them for a high level of success in the modern world.


Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, SC

The nurturing environment at Porter-Gaud helps students develop intellectually while emphasizing curiosity, integrity, & faith. Their challenging academic curriculum is taught with a focus on higher critical thinking skills. The students are divided into Lower (2-5), Middle (6-8), & Upper (9-12) grade levels. The goal is to have the students achieve the skills to become confident & contributing citizens by the time they reach young adulthood.


Pinewood Preparatory School

Located in Summerville, SC, Pinewood Prep is recognized as one of the state’s top independent schools. With the average class size being 12 students, & most teachers having their Masters in Educational Learning, Pinewood Prep is able to provide a smaller, yet highly interactive, educational environment for grades K-3 through 12th grade. Here, your child will have the opportunity to learn the importance of manners, emotional intelligence, & will be able to build meaningful relationships with both the faculty & their peers. Pinewood Prep also offers programs in the performing arts, as well as multiple athletic teams, so your child can grow in a truly first-class environment.


Northwood Academy

Founded in 1978, Northwood Academy set on a mission to educate its students through academics, athletics, & encompassing Christian values. This academy serves students as young as preschool, & allows the child to mature all the way through their senior year of high school. Northwood Academy offers its students smaller classrooms, physical education, libraries, athletic fields, extra-curricular programs, & auditoriums to provide a superior Christian education. Here, they will help your child advance to the next stages in life, intellectually, socially, & spiritually. 


Become a Charleston Resident & Send Your Child to a Top Private School!

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