Charleston Summer CampsSummer camps are a great way for your kids to get out, active, and learning! They’re also very helpful for children to help retain the information learned over the previous school year. With spring almost upon us, many parents begin to search for summer camps their kids might like. Charleston is full of great camps, and the beautiful weather helps ensure there’s a lot of outdoor fun to be had. Whether you’ve been living here for years, or looking to move to the area, here are some great Charleston Summer Camps your kids will definitely want to check out.

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4 Great Charleston Summer Camps to Get Your Kids Active and Learning


Porter Gaud

Porter Gaud, a Christian college preparatory day school, offers a wide variety of programs for kids of all ages during the summer months. It doesn’t matter whether your child is interested in sports, art, writing, music, or any other kind of hobby — there’s probably a summer camp here for it! Visit their website to see their list of camps and register.


Charleston Soccer Academy

Do you have a young, burgeoning soccer player in your house? Then you may want to look into one of Charleston Soccer Academy’s elite camps for kids ages 5-12. Here, boys and girls will get the top-notch training in a supportive, fun environment. Perfect for your little future sports star!


James Island Yacht Club

Alternatively, perhaps your child is more at home out on the ocean than on land. There’s a summer camp for that as well! The James Island Yacht Club is hosting a 2018 youth summer sailing club, where kids can get out and learn sailing lessons, right here in the beautiful Charleston bay area. What better place to learn about how to sail than here in Charleston? Register online or contact them for more information.


American Music Camp

The American Music Camp registration is now open for summer 2018. They offer full day master classes in strings, where kids can get practice in one on one and group settings. The camp offers encouraging support and helpful advice for young music students, exposing them to a wide variety of styles and musical genres.

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