companies headquartered in Charleston, SCOftentimes, people move to a new city because of work. Sometimes, however, people move without having a set job in place. This kind of move can be especially stressful, as people don’t know what kinds of employment opportunities are available. Fortunately, there are lots of great companies headquartered in Charleston, SC! If you’re moving to the area — or just looking for a new job — here are some great places to send your resume.

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These are the Biggest Companies Headquartered in Charleston, SC


Blackbaud Inc

Blackbaud Inc is the largest company headquartered in Charleston, with around 1300 employees. They focus on the intersection of technology and social work, using new trends and developing powerful software to help advance what they call the “social good.” They have been around for 35 years and counting. If you’re a software developer who longs to do more with your talent, this company would be good to check out.



Benefitfocus is similar to Blackbaud Inc in that it is a company which utilizes technology to benefit individuals. In this case, Benefitfocus strives to provide customers with the knowledge and skills they need when choosing benefits. They’ve had a considerable degree of success since opening in 2000, and recently expanded in 2015,


Evening Post, INC

Evening Post, INC invests in a large number of television, publishing, healthcare, marketing, and real estate. They have a successful track record and have over 450 employees. Plenty of opportunities in a wide range of different fields, you’re sure to find something you’re intested in.


Other Opportunities to Consider



Boeing is not headquartered in Charleston (it’s in Chicago), but ask anyone and you’ll know that it is the largest employer company in the area. With a whopping 7,400 employees, Boeing provides work in multiple fields, whether manufacturing, technology, or day-to-day upkeep. If you’re looking to move to Charleston, the Boeing company is a great place to begin your job search.


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