Decorating for spring is a great way to shake off the winter doldrums and prepare for a season of renewal! Even a slight change in scenery can help uplift moods and increase cheer. It can also be a great way to put your mark on a new house or prepare your current home for a quick and easy sale. Rejuvenate your home and your senses with a few of these fresh spring decorating ideas!


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Decorating for Spring in Lowcountry Style


The First Step: Tidy Up!


Before you start decorating for spring, make sure you get the other “d” word done: declutter! Spring cleaning is highly underrated, and very helpful when it comes to giving your home a fresh feel. Sorting through clothing, books, ornaments, and other items, and discarding those that you haven’t used, can even be therapeutic. Do you have things that you haven’t used, but don’t have the heart to just throw away? Consider donating them to your local Goodwill. That way, your nice things go to a good home, and you can be proud of your contribution to a household in need.


Spring Decorations for the Home


Once your spring cleaning is done, spice up your space with some simple, classic tips. The first thing to do when decorating for spring: add color. Whether you prefer pastels or bolder hues, finding ways to incorporate a new shade can rejuvenate your space and uplift your mood.


Also, try adding indoor plants to your decor to bring in a burst of life. Cut flowers are colorful and fun, and potted plants provide a lasting accent. No green thumb? Try floral patterns instead!


Incorporating elements from spring holidays is another good way to usher in the season, especially when there are children in the home. For example, hanging tasteful egg ornaments from an indoor plant celebrates Easter and gives a cute touch to your living space.


Spring table decorations are a simple way to add some flare to your home. Seasonally-inspired table linens, flowers, candles and even coasters will give you high-impact visual appeal that is easily interchangeable once the next season rolls around.


Contact Infinity Realty and Start Decorating Your Dream Home!

Decorating for spring is a fun, festive way to get in the spirit of a new season. It’s even more enjoyable when you can do it in a place that you absolutely love. Charleston is full of great neighborhoods, culture, events, and activities. It’s a great place to find your dream home and make it your own, any season of the year! If you’re ready to move to your ideal house, Infinity Realty can help! We are happy to help you decide on the best place in the Lowcountry for you and your family. Contact us today! We are ready and waiting to help you find your perfect Charleston home!


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