While we are just getting into the swing of fall, now is a great time to start prepping for decorating for winter. Here in Charleston, we take our home decor pretty seriously. When you take a stroll around downtown Charleston, as well as your own neighborhood, you will see that these houses are decorated immaculately. We at Infinity Realty always enjoy helping our clients when it comes to staging their homes, no matter what the season. Many of our suggestions can be used anytime. Check out our tips for decorating for winter and get ready to put your twist on these!

Decorating for Winter: Indoors

  1. Think cozy! When any of us think of winter, we think of cold. After that, we think of ways to warm up and be cozy. This goes with your home as well. Look around your home and see what areas you can increase the cozy factor. If you have a fireplace, start there. Decorate the mantle and surrounding areas. If it’s too hot to light a fire, as it can be here, grab some inexpensive candles and light those to create the same effect. You can also bulk up on your blankets. Think about the fabrics. They should make you want to reach out and touch them. 
  2. Keep it simple! When it comes to decorating for the winter, it’s best to keep it simple. You will have to look at this for a while. Just like we mentioned in our fall decor blog, it’s also a good idea to layer. During winter, you also have Christmas. Keep some things that reflect winter, and some that show Christmas. This means you won’t break the bank. There are many different winter themes to think of. You have the traditional snowmen but also one idea is color. Some winter colors are blue and white. You will see many sparkly items that go perfectly for winter. Add a throw pillow to your bed or couch. 
  3. Little touches can go a long way! While we have covered most of the main areas inside your home, don’t forget about the smaller common areas. Any place someone might normally go in your home is fair game. A perfect place is the powder room. A nod to the season can come in the form of a cute hand towel or soap. Still keep it inexpensive. This is a great way to also bring the outdoors in. When picking up your Christmas tree, see if you can grab some small branches that have been discarded. Place them in a simple vase and not only does it look great but smells wonderful too!

Decorating for Winter: Outdoors

  1. Make a winter planter! You may think that you can’t have any flowers in the winter and you would be mistaken. There are many plants that love our chilly and temperate climate. Keep it in the winter theme by adding pine branches, berry branches, and more. This is a wonderful way to welcome anyone to your home. 
  2. DIY a sign! You don’t have to be a wonderful artist to make something unique and beautiful! Make a winter sign for your front door using minimal tools! You can also keep your Christmas lights up for just a bit longer when you hang them from your porch ceiling!
  3. Keep your porch cozy too! For many of us, when the weather is pleasant, we enjoy being out on our porches. It can be in the morning with a cup of coffee or in the evening talking with neighbors. Keep it ideal for winter by keeping it comfortable. Have weatherproof pillows and a blanket that will keep you warm for hours. 


We hope these tips for decorating for winter will help you have a gorgeous home inside and out. Having such wonderful cool seasons is one of the reasons why so many enjoy coming to Charleston in the winter. Thinking of buying a home here? Consider using our team at Infinity Realty. We can help you every step of the way from looking at an available home to when the keys are in your hand. Contact us today and begin your journey to finding your perfect Charleston home