The lowcountry is a wonderful place to be during the autumn season. With endless natural beauty, plenty of fun, fall festivals & events, & of course, college football season, it is one of our favorite times of the year! If you’re looking to move to Charleston in the fall, you will want to make sure to stage your home perfectly to entice potential buyers. Fortunately, you won’t need to break the bank to do it! Whether you are looking to sell your home or prepare it for fall guests, skip the decoration store & online ordering & instead check out these great DIY fall decor options!


Beautiful DIY Fall Decor:


Pine Cone Wreath

The perfect wreath strikes the right atmosphere for your guests right when they walk through the front door. Leaf wreaths are popular, but they are very time-consuming. So instead, take some pinecones right from your front or back yard, wash them, & then hot glue them to some clear, plastic pony beads. Next, straighten an old wire hanger, thread the wire hanger into the pony beads & voila! You will have an instant autumn wreath! For an even more festive look, paint the pinecones red, orange, & yellow.


Candy Corn Candle Holder

Depending on what you fill it with, this reusable candle holder can be perfect for any season. First, take an unused glass container, one large enough to fit your favorite candle. During the autumn, fill the candle holder with something like candy corn or popcorn kernels. If you want to change it for the winter, swap the fall “filler” for peppermints or line the edges with candy canes. In the spring, try flower petals.


Natural Vases

Gourds & squashes are perfect accents for any autumn decor. They come in a variety of shapes & their rounded bottoms make them perfect as vases. First, clean out your vegetable of choice, & dry it out. Paint it in your favorite fall color(s), fill it with some water, & display! It can be a little bit time consuming, but it is an inexpensive & easy way to perfect your autumn atmosphere. 


Harvest Vases

The fall is known as the harvest season, & one of the best ways to reflect that is a simple “harvest vase.” Acquire some nuts & wheat. Acorns can be a good option as well, just make sure they are large & distinctive. Insert the wheat into a glass cylinder vase & fill it with nuts to help the wheat stay upright. A very easy DIY fall decor option!


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