DIY Halloween DecorationsThe lights are darkened. There’s a chill in the air. You hear a distant howl beneath the glowing full moon. Is it the rise of a monstrous beast? A sign of the end times? No, silly, it’s just Halloween! There are tons of ways to spruce up your house for this haunted holiday. And of course, you don’t need to bust your bank account to do so! Here are some excellent DIY Halloween Decorations to make your home a spooktacular sensation!

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Check Out These Amazing DIY Halloween Decorations


Milk Jug Ghosts

These little light up ghoulies are as adorable as they are affordable. Simply wash out and save some empty milk jugs. Draw a cute face on it using a permanent marker, almost like a Jack o’ Lantern. Finally, cut a small hole in the back and stuff the jug with white holiday lights. Spread them out on your lawn or front porch.


Reusable Jack O’Lanterns

Jack O’Lanters are a quintessential Halloween staple, but unfortunately they have to be thrown out soon afterwards. A lot of work for a short amount of time, right? Instead of buying a pumpkin (apart from Pumpkin Pie of course!) repurpose an old mason jar. Cover them with orange tissue paper or construction paper, and use black construction paper for the eyes and mouth. Finally, put either a small candle or a battery powered candle on the inside. You get the same effect


Candy Corn Jars

For holding your halloween treats, or just for your everyday candy corn munching, forget the boring kitchen bowl. Instead, spray paint your unused jars different colors of orange and black! Or, go the extra mile and spray in layers of white, orange, and yellow, to make a jar that looks like a giant candy corn itself!


Critter Crawlers

It’s easy enough to find black, plastic bugs at the store, but can you find a creative use for them? Hot glue magnets onto the plastic bugs and attach them to your lampshades. Your guests will love the ingenious touch, and you can move the magnets up and down so the kids can play with the “bug shadows!”


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