The night comes sooner, there’s a chill in the air, and in the far distance, you can hear howling at the moon because it’s officially the season of the witch, or what most like to call Halloween! There are tons of ways to spruce up your house for this haunted holiday, but you don’t need to burn a hole through your wallet to do so. With stores like Michaels, Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, and many more, you can still get into the Halloween spirit this fall. With everything from seasonal coffee mugs to pumpkin-themed welcome mats, you can turn your home into the spookiest house in the neighborhood. Here are some excellent DIY Halloween decorations and ideas to make your home a spooktacular sensation!


Your Neighbors Will Fall Head Over Heels for This Skeleton Decor:

What could be scarier than your own personal graveyard right on your front lawn? Decorate your yard this year with inexpensive cardboard tombstones, skulls, and skeleton parts. Leave them in varying places such as by your front door, in your bushes, by your trees, and even in a wheelbarrow if you have one. It is sure to give your neighbors a fright. Let’s just hope they don’t come to life on Halloween night!


Become the Pum-King With Reusable Jack O’Lanterns

Jack O’Lanterns is a quintessential Halloween staple, but unfortunately, they have to be thrown out soon afterward. A lot of work for a short amount of time, right? Instead of buying a pumpkin (apart from Pumpkin Pie of course!) repurpose an old mason jar. Cover it with orange tissue paper or construction paper, and use black construction paper for the eyes and mouth. Finally, put either a small candle or a battery-powered candle on the inside. You get the same effect! 


Spiders, Cats, and Bats, OH MY:

Are skeletons too scary for you? Why not decorate with other classics such as spiders, black cats, and flying bats? There are many things you can do with these affordable decorations such as sprucing up all of your windows with cobwebs and fake spiders. You can place bats to hang from your trees or by your front door, or you can place a black cat on your stairway, porch, or in your front window sill. But, what is our favorite thing to do?  Placing large eyeballs in your front yard bushes to make them appear alive but, of course, friendly! Last, create some critter crawlers! Find some black, plastic bugs at the store and hot glue magnets onto the plastic bugs, and attach them to your lampshades. Your guests will love the ingenious touch, and you can move the magnets up and down so the kids can play with the “bug shadows!”


Be Totally Ghoul and Wicked:

We obviously couldn’t make this list without providing ideas for the most infamous Halloween decorations of all…Ghosts, Witches, and Pumpkins! Accessorize your lawn with these signature props by placing pumpkins to frame your driveway, walkway, or front door. Place the witch's feet in your bushes or by the side of your home to trick the neighborhood children into thinking your house fell on her. And ghosts? Well, we all know they can be anywhere, so place them on your porch, in your trees, or peeping out your window! Also, try Milk Jug Ghosts! These little light-up ghoulies are as adorable as they are affordable. Simply wash out and save some empty milk jugs. Draw a cute face on it using a permanent marker, almost like a Jack o’ Lantern. Finally, cut a small hole in the back and stuff the jug with white holiday lights. Spread them out on your lawn or front porch. 


Have a Great Halloween with Team Lail-Chambers!

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