DIY Holiday decorationsHome staging can be so much fun! Making your home look absolutely perfect and appealing for potential customers is a great way to manage mess and tap into your craft-y, creative side. Especially great is when you can stage your house around certain holidays. But if your home doesn’t sell for some time, you don’t want outdated decorations, like Halloween during Easter! Do you need to break the bank buying new decor month after month? Of course not! There are some easy DIY Holiday Decorations to really make your home pop and sell — quick!

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Three Simple DIY Holiday Decorations to Sell Your House


Halloween: Cones, Dry Leaves, and Acorns

For fall, it’s easy to think of typical decorations like jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin spice candles. However it's easy to create fall decor that works before, during, and after Halloween. Simply go outside and pick up some pine cones, dry colorful leaves, and acorns. Wash them carefully, and arrange them in a little shrine to fall. The pine cones especially will last a very long time, so you can reuse them next year!


Christmas: Cotton “Snow” and Paper Snowflakes

Get some cotton balls and glue them together. They make the perfect “snow” that can go with a gingerbread house or little Christmas village. You can also use colorful paper to create multiple, intricate snowflakes. Put them together and frame them to create wall art that looks like it cost $50, but couldn’t be cheaper or easier to make!


Easter: Colorful Rocks and Re-purposed Eggs

Grab some rocks and pebbles, perhaps from the beach if you can (the smoother the better). Paint the rocks some colorful pastels, and put them in a glass container. It also works well with colorful beads. Also, arrange your plastic easter eggs on a mantle or a shelf, to accent your already existing decorations.


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These DIY decorations are sure to make home popular and elegant. You won't have trouble finding buyers after they're dazzled by your decor! And when you’re looking for a new home in Charleston, make sure to give a call to Infinity Realty. Our team of experts led by Bob Chambers are some the most professional agents you’ll encounter, and will give you the easiest home-buying experience imaginable. We can help you determine your top priorities and find a place that accommodates both your tastes and your budget. Our staff knows the Lowcountry well and is acquainted with all of the facilities, resources, and services available in each community. We’ll make sure to fit you with a home you’ll love!