exterior home lighting ideasWhen you think about making your house beautiful or inviting, you probably don’t consider the lighting. In fact, exterior home lighting can really add that extra touch of pizazz to your already magnificent home. Whether you live in the beautiful city of Charleston and are looking to take your house to the next level, or are trying to sell your house and make it look as appealing as possible, exterior home lighting can be a huge advantage. Here’s some great exterior home lighting ideas for you to try today!

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Exterior Home Lighting Ideas to Try Today!


Porch Stairway Lighting

Step lighting not only makes the exterior of your home look great, it also is a safety measure! It may be daunting to think about installing LED porch lights to your steps, but it’s actually a lot easier than you might expect. We’re particular fans of solar deck lighting, which doesn’t break the budget. The benefits of a safer space for guests that also gives your home a soft, inviting glow can’t be matched.


Overhead String Lighting

Otherwise known as patio lights, these classic lighting fixtures are super easy to manage and give your home a cool vintage feel. This kind of lighting works best if you have a wider front porch, or a small courtyard area in your backyard. They build excellent atmosphere for evening grills and get togethers.


Solar-Illuminated Pots

Here’s something you don’t see every day . . . and we love it! These pots are charged by solar power, and at night they provide a wonderful, colorful glow to your outside decor. You can select color changing mode or a single color that already matches the color scheme you’ve set up around your home. Potential buyers will be amazed and how awesome it looks!


Chinese Lanterns

Similar to patio lights, Chinese Lanterns are an easy way to add a classy touch of atmosphere to your home without breaking the bank. If you don’t want the classic Chinese Lantern look — and really, you probably don’t, unless you celebrate a major Chinese holiday — then opt instead for a series of mono-colored ones. You get the same material and effect, but a little more neutral, so it can match better with your already existing decor.


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