Yes, it’s only the beginning of the Fall season & it will be a while before we see “cold” weather here in the South, but it’s never too soon to start getting your home ready for the dropping temperatures. Colder weather can be harsh on your house so it is important to be proactive. But, for first time homeowners this can be a difficult task when you’re not sure what to do, or where to begin so we’ve made the ultimate checklist for you!

Here are our tips for making your house Fall/Winter proof in the South:

Clean the Gutters:

Gutters can be found lining the roof of your house & are essential to protecting both your home & its landscaping. So, it’s very important that you remember to clean them out at least once a year, however we recommend doing it every 6 months (at the beginning of Spring & the beginning of Fall). The reason why is because gutters can become clogged with sticks, leaves & other debris which can result in water leaking under your roof. If you are not afraid of heights, cleaning your gutters can be an easy (but lengthy) process. First, you will need a sturdy ladder, some rubber gloves, a gutter scooper or a small, plastic shovel, & a tarp to lie down below to catch all the gunk! If this doesn’t sound like a task you are interested in tackling though, don’t worry, there are plenty of businesses here in Charleston, SC that are more than happy to do the job for you!


Check All of Your Windows:

Air circulation, weather changes, & moisture can all be culprits as to why windows start to lose their shine. So to stay ahead of the game, here are a few things you can do to keep your windows looking “brand new” for years to come! First, try keeping your blinds open. I know, I know, I know, you don’t want your nosy neighbor to see that you’re home but this can help with moisture getting stuck between the window panes. Natural light can dry up water faster than if your blinds were closed & the bonus? Natural lighting has also been proven to improve your mood as well as make your house look more welcoming! We also recommend repairing any cracks or spaces with weather strips or caulk before Winter arrives as this can help keep the heat inside & may even lower your electric bill. WIN!


But Don’t Forget Your Doors:

If windows are the eyes to your home, than doors should be considered the mouth that needs bi-annual check-ups just like your teeth.  So, make sure to keep a close watch on the doorknobs, hinges, handles, weather stripping & faceplates. It is recommended to give your exterior doors a maintenance check every Spring & Fall to lengthen their lifespan & to keep your home safe.


Keep Your Roof Alive & Well:

Depending on what type of roof you have will depend on its lifespan. Slate, tile, & copper roofs can last up to 50 years or more, while wood shake, fiber cement & asphalt shingles may only last 30 years tops. But, no matter how old, or new, your roof is, it is always important to take care of it & here a few ways you can: trim the surrounding trees if you are able to, this can prevent any limbs or branches falling on & damaging your property. Replace broken or missing shingles to avoid moisture build up and/or leaking & last, insulate the attic (if you have one) to reduce heat beaming through which can cause severe damage to your roof rafters.


Don’t Trip! Check Your Steps, Driveway & Walkways:

With “bigger” things to take care of & upkeep, a lot of homeowners tend to overlook the concrete of their home but they definitely shouldn’t. Your driveway, walkways & the stairs up to your front door can make a charming home look like a house that has been neglected. So, let’s turn your front lawn into yard of the month with these maintenance recommendations! First, seal it. Sealing your concrete will give it a protective layer that will keep it cleaner throughout the year & can prevent cracks. This is not a job for the weak of heart so it is highly recommended to hire a professional. The good news though is that you will only need to do this every 3-5 years! Don’t feel like sealing it?  Then sweep it! Yes, that’s right, Cinderella. Grab your broom & start sweeping away. Once you have removed all of the dirt & debris, mix water with bleach, then spray (or pour) it all around your driveway.  Now wait 15 minutes then rinse it all away with the water hose. This can be done every 3 months!


Protect Your Home from Unwanted Guests:

Mice, squirrels, & other animals will be seeking shelter during the Fall & Winter season, so if you aren’t looking to rent any rooms in your house for free, you will want to be prepared. Check your house for any holes, cracks, & gaps that could allow these looters access into your home. If you do find any, it is always best to hire a professional & luckily, Charleston, SC has many pest control options that are always happy to help on a quarterly basis!

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