home staging checklistAre you looking to sell your home? Worried about what people might think of it? Relax! Home selling anxiety is perfectly normal, and everyone has it. Whether it’s your first time selling your house or your fifth, there’s always that looming ball of dread in the pit of your stomach. Well don’t worry! We’ve got the info on how to make the home selling process a breeze, including a home staging checklist to tick off. Once you finish the checklist, your home will be beautiful, and ready to be snatched up!

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The Home Staging Checklist You Need

  1. Walk Through Ahead of Time

Walk through your house and look at anything you think might need to be fixed, updated, or thrown out. If you’re not the planning type, it helps to do this step with someone who is. Doubly true if they’re a real estate professional.

  1. Get Rid of Old Junk!

It doesn’t matter if it’s beloved, a family heirloom, or your spouse’s favorite chair. If it’s gross, unused, and unneeded, throw it out! Yard sales are great for this — de-clutter and earn a little extra cash!

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean, Clean, Clean

Did we mention clean? Look nobody likes doing it, but it makes all the difference. Go beyond the usual clean. Make it spotless, like nobody actually lives there. If your budget allows, hiring a cleaning service works wonders, as they often have the cleaning tools you lack to tackle really impossible jobs.

  1. De-Personalize

This part is hard. This is your home, and you love it a lot. But remember, the potential buyers don’t want to see your home. They want to see their future home. Opt for re-painting rooms neutral colors and generic furniture. Especially true for bedrooms. Your potential buyers might have a hard time picturing their teenage son sleeping in your six year old daughter’s room if it’s bright pink and purple.

  1. Don’t Forget the Outside Too

Got any outdoor projects you’ve been sitting on? Now’s the time to do them. Give that house a fresh coat of paint! Make a beautiful flower garden! Finally install that patio! In this case, it is what’s on the outside that counts.

  1. Scents and Senses

This is a nice little hidden trick. Make your home seem even more inviting by appealing to the buyers sense of smell. Light some pleasantly scented candles to enhance the aroma of the house. Selling a house by the beach? Opt for ocean breeze smell. Checking out the bathroom? Clean linen scent is the way to go. Your buyers will love it, and so will you!

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