With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to make your house gleam and isn’t it amazing how a fresh coat of paint can completely change the mood of a room? Does your bedroom feel small or claustrophobic? Try a brighter wall scheme for a more spacious feel! Want to turn your old guest room into a new home office? Tone down the colors to a more neutral, welcoming tone. Your colors matter when it comes to selling or buying your house, as well. The right color scheme can draw in the eyes of potential buyers and make your house more appealing to them. Alternatively, you want your house to seem inviting to guests, friends, and family. Want some more tips? Read on to learn how to choose paint colors for your home interior.


Colors That Sell

Believe it or not, the right colors can actually obtain a higher asking price for your home. “Business Insider” once said that colors between gray and beige is most appealing to homebuyers, and typically earns a few thousand dollars more. A neutral color is appealing because it allows the potential buyer to envision their own color for the house after they move in. A strong, vibrant color may overwhelm the buyer’s vision with your own. Try a shade of blue for kitchens, periwinkle for bathrooms, and beige for living areas.


Personalize Your Home

After you move in, you will want to establish your own sense of style. It’s important that family and friends feel welcome in your new home! Try a mix of colors that feel inviting and coordinated. For example, an ivory house with white trim and an aqua door can evoke a sense of elegance and traditional style. Cool shades of blue, green, or brown can help your house feel more nature-like. For those of you coming to live in the Charleston, SC area, pastel colors go very well with the seaside locale. Be sure to talk to the paint expert at your local home and hardware store for more recommendations and matches.


Virtual Painting

If you’re still having trouble visualizing home interior color schemes, turn to online resources. Sites like Pinterest and Houzz can help give you initial ideas for decorating your space. There are also several interior design color palette generators online, like Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap and Color Visualizer. With these generators, you can choose your paint colors, simply upload a photo from your phone and try a variety of shades with the click of a button!


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