Are you thinking about moving in the next few months? From employment changes to family obligations to health concerns, more and more people are rethinking their living arrangements right now, packing up, and moving. But as we all know, moving is neither fun nor cheap. While we all know that moving entails certain costs, some of us sometimes find ourselves in a situation where the spending has gotten out of hand. The thing is, moving doesn’t have to cost that much. Here are some tips on how to cut costs when moving.


Move During the “Slower” Season

If we all had our way, then we’d all do our relocating during the summer months because the kids don’t have school to worry about and the weather tends to be more friendly. However, summer is also the peak moving season, which means things can get costlier because of the high demand for moving services. What’s considered the off-peak moving season falls between September and April. If you move during this timeframe, you’re bound to benefit from lower rates charged by moving companies!


Talk To More Than One Moving Company

If you’re going to hire professional movers to help you relocate, don’t make a deal with the first company you speak with, no matter how great they sound. Before you settle on a mover, do your due diligence first. Get quotes and comparisons from at least three moving companies before hiring one. It would also help if you can ask friends or family if they have contracted the services of the companies you are interested in, or if they have any good experiences with any other companies. As part of your research, make sure to ask the moving companies about their licenses, available insurance to purchase, or if they have hidden charges for certain items.


Pack Your Own Items

Believe it or not, there are people who make money by offering to pack things for those who are relocating. While it’s a sensible option for people who are too busy to pack or are unsure of where to even begin, it's also a costly one. If you have the money for it, then go ahead and hire somebody to pack your items. However, if you have a lower budget to work off of, then it’s financially smarter to do your own packing. There are plenty of how-to blogs and videos to teach even beginners! 


Dispose of Unnecessary Things

Are you sure you still need those thick, heavy textbooks from school or that worn-out couch that has been with you for years? In all likelihood, you don’t need to pack up every item you own, so get rid of the things you no longer need to save on your moving costs. Actually, you can even make a few bucks from your old things by holding a garage sale. If you sell enough, you may not have to rent a huge moving truck anymore and can rent or hire something much smaller (aka, money saved)!


Use Recycled Packing Materials

Sure, boxes and packing materials don’t cost much, but they do add up. So, instead of buying new boxes and packing materials, try to find usable boxes around your house, or ask friends and family if they have any they can loan. You can also go to neighborhood stores and buy their used ones at reduced prices, or some stores may even just give them away. If all else fails, get on your neighborhood marketplace as there is always someone who is offering to give theirs away, or will respond to your post asking for boxes!


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