Hurricane Preparation - What Should I Know?

"Anyone who says they're not afraid at the time of a hurricane is either a fool or a liar, or a little bit of both." - Anderson Cooper

Hurricane Season

Every year, between June and November, the dreaded season of the South arrives; Hurricane Season. Since 1851 Charleston, SC has endured over 30 hurricanes. Storms that have left the city without electricity and water for days, that have flooded the streets, and have destroyed our homes and properties. So what can you do to prepare for Hurricane Season?

Ace Hardware provided the following Hurricane Preparedness Supply Checklist:

·         Ax, Hand Saw and Pruner

·         Batteries

·         Bolts

·         Brooms and Mops

·         Bug Repellent

·         Camera (to document damage)

·         Can Opener

·         Caulking Gun and Caulk

·         Chainsaw and Oil

·         Chainsaw Protective Apparel

·         Cooking and Eating Utensils

·         Cordless Drill and Battery Charger

·         Crayons, Drawing Paper, Games, etc. for Kids

·         Disinfectants and Bleach

·         Duct Tape or Masking Tape

·         Extension Cords

·         Fire Extinguisher

·         First Aid Kit & Manual

·         Flashlights

·         Full Propane Tank

·         Generator and Oil

·         Gloves and Safety Goggles

·         Grill or Camp Stove, Fuel and Lighter

·         Heavy Tarps and Plastic

·         Ice and Ice Chest

·         Lanterns and Fuel

·         Pails and Buckets

·         Paper Plates and Paper Towels

·         Pet Supplies (food, water and cage)

·         Radio/TV (battery-powered)

·         Rope (at least 100 feet)

·         Shovels and Rakes

·         Sponges and Rags

·         Storm Panels

·         Tie-Downs, Bungee Cords, Extra Mooring and Dock Lines

·         Trash Bags

·         Water (at least one gallon per person for 3-7 days)

·         Water Storage Containers

·         Wheelbarrow

·         Work Boots or Heavy Shoes

·         Wrecking and Crowbar

If you are planning to evacuate during a hurricane, here are some more tips and tricks:

·         Prepare Survival Kits - for you, each family member and your pet(s). Kits can include things such as: non-perishable food, medications, portable radio, flashlight, batteries, lighters, matches, and portable chargers for electronics such as cellphones.

·         Plan your evacuation route and leave as soon as you can.

·         Check in with nearby family members and elderly neighbors to ensure their safety, as well.

·         Fuel your vehicle before leaving and fill up/pack an extra tank of gasoline.

·         Create an inventory list of items in your home. If it is easier, create a video and walk room to room, showcasing your property, and all items inside cabinets and closets.

·         Secure all outdoor objects or move them inside.

·         Close all shutters, board up all windows, as well as any glass doors.

·         Bring in gas or charcoal grills, but do not use them indoors.

·         Do not store propane tanks inside the house or garage. Chain propane tanks in an upright position to a secure (and safe) object away from your home.

·         Secure your boat or re-locate it to a safer area.

·         Fill fuel tanks for all generators but remember to keep them away from any open flames, heat sources or appliances that use natural gas.

·         Keep all important items and documents in a traveling case that you bring along with you.

·         Withdraw a comfortable amount of cash to have on you.

·         Make sure to pack a supply of water to keep in your car.

Though we hope you will never have to use any of these tips, it is always best to be prepared. Because as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

If you are currently in the market for a new home, and interested in purchasing a house with a resilient foundation and structure, please reach out to Infinity Realty today! Team Lail-Chambers is passionate about finding you, and your family, a home that will not only last a lifetime, but provide a lifetime of memories, as well!