Checking out with some King Street shoppingKing Street is one of the most famous locations in all of Charleston. If there’s any place more popular than downtown King Street, we certainly haven’t found it! Last week, we showed you some wonderful King Street Restaurants to check out — for a dinner date, a luncheon, or just a quick dessert. But there’s more to King Street than just restaurants! Here are some great stores to check out for a day of King Street shopping.

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Experience all the King Street Shopping


Antique Shopping

King Street is such a large, sprawling area, that it can feel a little overwhelming finding whatever you want. Where do you even begin? According to the Charleston online city guide, contemporary King Street is “divided” into three areas. In the lower King Street, you’ll find the best antique shopping. This area was the last of King Street to undergo renovations and beautification. Here, you can find all sorts of antiques, no matter the time period. It’s perfect for adding that authentic touch to your Charleston home, whether a new home or a classic traditional one.


Fashion Shopping

What King Street shopping experience would be complete without a bit of high fashion? King Street is the place to be for excellent fashion, including many fine upscale boutiques. Find clothes for the summer, including summer dresses and swimsuits, as well as chic handbags, shoes, hats and more!


Design and Dining Shopping

Continuing on to upper King Street, we find the Design and Dining area. Here’s where you’ll find various stores for fantastic modern home furnishings and more. There’s also lots of art, which shouldn’t be surprising given that Charleston is such a popular city for burgeoning artists. Finally, this is where you’ll find some of the very best restaurants, including ones we’ve highlighted for you before! After a busy day of shopping on King Street, it’s great to end on this district, so you can treat yourself to a fabulous dinner.


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