landscape plants in south carolinaThere is so much joy to be had in landscaping. Taking your dull, lifeless yard and giving it that special touch to make it fantastic and memorable. But many first-time landscapers can easily become overwhelmed. Where do you begin? What are some good plant options for your specific yard? Where can you go to learn all this information, and how long does it take? While we don’t have time to give you a full landscaping seminar, we can help by providing a list of great landscaping plants in South Carolina. These are plants that are great for many different kinds of yards, and can really make your yard beautiful and appealing. Here are just a few you may want to look into.

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Great Options for Landscaping plants in South Carolina


Sunny Yards

South Carolina is known for being sunny most days of the year. This is wonderful for us, but there are some plants that don’t do so well in full, direct sunlight all the time. If your yard has a lot of sun, then you would probably want the American Beautyberry, which has magnificent color pop. For better ground cover, look at perennials such as Columbine. If you want to plant a tree, the Carolina Yellowwood does very well in full, direct sunlight. Finally, for an evergreen option, try the Dahoon Holly or, for that real South Carolina touch, the Dwarf Palmetto.


Shady Yards

Not every yard has access to a lot of sunlight, and that is ok! There are so many kinds of plants that grow well in the shade and still look wonderful in your landscaped yard. We’re particular fans of the Flame Azalea, which adds so much vibrant color to your yard. The Loblolly Bay is a simple plant, but still looks great and is easy to maintain. So many options available, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of yard!


Looking for More Options

If you’re looking for more options for your landscaping plants in South Carolina, visit the Carolina Yard Plant Database. This extensive database allows you to filter your search for the perfect plant through a variety of factors including soil ph level, the amount of sunlight your yard receives, and what region you’re in. You’re sure to find the plants you love and work best for you!


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