One of the best things about Charleston is the people in it. All of us are unique in our own way & each has incredible talents. Because of that, there are so many wonderful products made in South Carolina. We at Team Lail-Chambers love to shop locally for as many things as we can. This can be food, house items, clothing items, & more. While there are many local shops, not all of them supply items made in South Carolina. If you are looking to truly shop local, read on to see our top 10 items made here in South Carolina. 

Food Products Made in South Carolina

Charleston Tea Plantation ~ This tea plantation has been supplying us with “hugs in mugs” for ages. After a revitalization of the area & plantation, the Charleston Tea Plantation makes delicious tea & is the only commercial tea plantation in the United States. Hop on a tour & see where the tea is grown. Then head over to Firefly Distillery where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages featuring this local delicacy. 

Sweeteeth ~ There is nothing better than a piece of chocolate to end a meal. If you enjoy hand-crafted chocolate, you will love Sweeteeth. Head chocolate maker, Johnny Battles, made a name for himself in the community with these delicious treats. So, be sure to stop by EVO Pizzeria in North Charleston, where these candies are sold, to check out all of the flavors with their unique names.

Gullah Gourmet ~ If you know anything about Charleston, you know our history dates back hundreds of years. Over time the traditional Gullah recipes have been handed down. Today, you can taste the fantastic flavors right in your own home. Have a look at the many Gullah Gourmet products, perfect for yourself or a friend!

Olde Colony Bakery ~ One food item made in South Carolina that everyone has come to love is the benne wafer. Lightly sweet & crunchy, they are perfect for a snack or a dessert. Be sure to check out their online store to see all the goodies they have for you!

Home Products Made in South Carolina

Rewind Candles ~ These candles can be found in just about every Charleston home. It all started with a guy who didn’t like seeing wine & champagne bottles go to waste. So, he came up with scents that were similar to the notes you tasted in wine such as Merlot, Champagne, & Pinot Grigio. These sweet-smelling decorations are heavenly & will make your home smell inviting. 

Glass EcoCountertops ~ We all like to put a personal touch on our homes. Most of us also hate seeing anything wasted. These countertops are so unique made from epoxy & recycled glass. They are heat resistant & are very easy to take care of, & leave your home looking beautiful!

Sweetgrass Baskets ~ Of all of the products made in South Carolina, sweetgrass baskets are the most iconic. There are so many places to find stalls filled with this handiwork. The best place to go, however, is the Charleston City Market where you can purchase handmade roses, baskets & décor.

Joggling Boards ~ These fun seats adorn many a front porch here in the South. Enjoyable for all ages, they are a perfect addition to your home. They come in a variety of sizes & can hold many people & are perfect for parties, relaxing, & sunset gazing.

Landrum Tables ~ If you are looking for a table to last the ages, have a look at the handcrafted Landrum Tables. Using reclaimed wood & made here in Charleston, they are simple, stunning, & will last generations. 

Clothing Made in South Carolina

Brackish ~ Stepping up the bow-tie game here in the Lowcountry is Brackish. All of their bow ties are made by hand from feathers. This will give your look a unique edge. They come in a multitude of colors & are the perfect addition to your outfit. 

We hope that this list of products made in South Carolina will encourage you to shop locally. Having amazing local craftsmen is one of the reasons why so many people enjoy shopping in Charleston. For many, a single trip here will have them falling in love & moving here. If you are looking for a home in the Charleston area, consider letting Team Lail-Chambers help you. We have our finger on the pulse here in Charleston & can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Contact us today & begin the search for your next Charleston home!