Mt. Pleasant, SC schoolsMt. Pleasant, SC is a wonderful, friendly community that so many people love. One of the reasons why this community is so popular is the fantastic schools it offers. Mt. Pleasant is perfect for raising families because it offers so many selections for schools. Whether you have an art student, an honors student, or a budding sports star, there’s a school here that can fit your child’s wants and needs. Here are just a few of the excellent Mt. Pleasant, SC schools you and your family may be interested in.

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A Few of the Great Mt. Pleasant, SC Schools


Mt. Pleasant Academy

This school has won high marks all around for the quality of its education and the community of parents, teachers and students that it fosters. From Kindergarten to 5th Grade, your child will get support and learn the valuable knowledge and social skills from a loving and friendly community of teachers and peers. There’s also a PTA, summer reading program, and more to help ensure your child’s success.


University School of the Lowcountry

Since 2007, the University School of the Lowcountry has been offering a high level of education for students grades 3 to 12. For high school students, the school offers an annual overnight trip, as well as robust college counseling. With this school, you can feel secure that you’re investing in your child’s future well.


Trident Academy

Not every student fits neatly into a box. Some struggle with learning, and need special help and attention. The Trident Academy is there for parents with students struggling with learning disorders or other special needs. This school focuses on individualized teaching that incorporates multi-sensory techniques. They set the standard around the child, not trying to force the child to fit a standard that’s difficult for them. Their success is evident — they began in a single room on Saturdays and have now expanded to a thriving school!


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