When are oysters in season in Charleston?We love oysters, don’t you? Oysters are one of the best food in the lowcountry, no question. It’s probably easy to imagine moving to the lowcountry and just chowing down on oysters all day, every day. Sadly, that isn’t really realistic. But when are oysters in season? If you’re looking to get the best oysters every year, here’s when you should be hitting the seafood restaurants.

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When Are Oysters in Season?


The Perfect Time to Get some Oysters

The best time to get oysters is in the colder months. A popular phrase to help you is to eat oysters during the “R” months — that’s any month that has an “”R” in its name. So September through April is the best time to get oysters. Avoid May through August. Though the summer weather may be tempting to snack on some seafood treats, these oysters — while still fine — won’t be as delicious or filling.


Why is This the Season?

Oysters during this season are fatter and plumper. The reason why oysters are leaner during the summer months is because they’re spending most of their energy reproducing. That’s not to say that you can’t eat them, just they won’t be as good. In Charleston, you’ll see numerous oyster roasts in the winter months, especially January.


Where to Get the Best Oysters in Charleston

There are so many great places to get good oysters here in Charleston. There are numerous fun oyster roast festivals throughout the year. These are great events for getting the family together for some fun! In addition, there are the numerous seafood restaurants in downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant and beyond. Whether you take your oysters raw, steamed, fried, or breaded in a sandwich, there’s sure to be a way to get your tasty seafood here!


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