Park Circle eventsPark Circle is a wonderful area full of exciting shopping opportunities and fun events! Many people love coming to Park Circle to hang out or spend the day, but did you know there are also many great Park Circle events throughout the year? Park Circle’s rapidly rising popularity means more and more events are being held here annually. Everyone wants to have some fun in this fantastic area! Here are just a few of the great events happening in or close to Park Circle this year.

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Fun and Interesting Park Circle Events Throughout the Year


St. Patrick’s Day Block Party

The biggest party of the year in Park Circle is definitely the annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party. It seems like all of Charleston turns out for this St. Patty’s Day celebration! There’s live entertainment, excellent food, fun activities for kids, and so much more. The 2019 block party may have already passed, but there’s still plenty of time to get excited for next year! Whether you’re visiting Park Circle or have made it your permanent home, the St. Patrick’s Day Block Party is something you cannot miss!


High Water Festival

A short walk from Park Circle takes you to Riverfront Park, which itself has many fun and exciting events happening throughout the year. There’s a 4th of July fireworks celebration, which is free to the public and offers food carts, music, and of course an incredible fireworks show! Another event happening soon is the High Water Festival. This musical extravaganza features big name bands (like this year’s “The Head and the Heart”) as well as local musical favorites. It’s a wonderful experience that offers great food, good times, and tons of fun.


Art Walk

The Charleston area is a famous attraction for artists. Thanks to our harborfront views and picturesque southern-style houses, artists come from all over to paint, sketch, and capture the beauty of the city. In May, North Charleston celebrates local artists. One way that Park Circle does this is through the Art Walk. Guests can come and walk through the various restaurants and shops in Park Circle, featuring great local art on display. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate the talented local artists in the lowcountry. Maybe you’ll even end up taking a piece home for yourself!


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