Due to the pandemic, it hasn’t been surprising to see the rise in companies that are evolving towards having their employees work remotely from their homes. In Charleston, SC, many homeowners have become enthusiastic about creating, or acquiring, a space within their home that can be dedicated to a home office. So the question is, is it time to change your home too? Especially if you intend to become a potential home seller? Now may be the time to acknowledge these evolving needs.


Remote Work Isn’t ”Just a Trend” 

Amid the 2020 pandemic, many companies came to realize that the productivity from their employees increased while working from home. Employees appeared to work longer hours, demonstrated more focus, completed assignments quicker, took fewer breaks & requested less sick days. Due to these realizations, more companies are turning to at-home solutions.


Working Remotely is Providing More Housing Opportunities

With companies now offering more remote positions within their businesses, their employees no longer need to be restrained to a specific area for their job. This is allowing potential homebuyers in Charleston, SC more flexibility to purchase a house in an area that they can afford. By being able to move to a more affordable area, homebuyers now have the opportunity of getting “more house for their dollar.” 


What You Can Do to Make Your Home “Work Friendly”

The days of working from a kitchen counter, a couch, or worse, a bed, are over! Homeowners that work remotely are wanting a space that can be their “office away from office.” So how can you create this work efficient space? It all comes down to two things; built-in cabinetry & layered lighting! A wall designed with built-in bookshelves & cabinets can create a remarkable space that can be used for either the at-home worker, or for the person who prefers to display photo frames, knickknacks & more! For lighting, natural light is always the best way to go. If the room that you are transitioning does not provide this, dimmers are the best bet! This will allow the homeowner to adjust the lighting accordingly depending on if they are working during the day hours or at night.


Is It Time to Find Your New Office Away from Office?

If you have discovered that your home needs have changed due to remote work, it may be time to make a move. Contact Team Lail-Chambers today to start prioritizing your home needs. We are ready to answer all your questions about schooling options, neighborhood choices, & all the other factors that you’ll consider when purchasing your Charleston, SC home. Our team of experts, led by Bob Chambers & Pheobe Lail-Chambers, have the expert knowledge & experience to match you with a home you're sure to love. There's so much to discover here in Charleston, so don't delay & call today!