summer decorations DIYSummer is almost here, and that means a change of decor! Time to hang up the Easter decorations and springtime colors and switch to a warmer mood. If you’re preparing to show your house, then you definitely want to take advantage of these Summer decorations DIY projects. They’ll brighten up your home for you, and make it incredibly appealing for your potential buyers!

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7 Easy Summer Decorations DIY Projects to Make Your Home Look Marvelous!


Colorful Sand in Bottles

A staple of summer decorations. Grab some unused bottles — even empty soda bottles will do! — and fill it with layers of colorful sand. Tie some rope or twine around it and place on a shelf for easy, breezy decor!



This one’s a bit easier if you live near the beach. Grab some seashells from the beach, wash them, and set them around your house. Or, glue them together onto a cork board. Smaller shells look great around a picture frame, perhaps of a family beach vacation. Don’t live near a beach? No problem! It’s also super easy to make origami shells that look equally nice.


Makeshift Sailboat

You don’t have to construct an entire miniature ship in a bottle. You get the same effect with a sturdy branch, some fabric, hot glue, and eyelet screws. Simple, but very effective!


Florals, Florals, Florals

Colorful floral prints are a great way to showcase the summer. If you have some plain, decorative plates, add some color with painted flowers. Also, get your hands on some floral fabric and turn it into cheap, floral pillowcases. It’s so incredibly easy to make a pillowcase, and it really brightens up the room!


Repurpose Old Sportsgear

When people think summer, going outside playing sports is something that definitely comes to mind. If you know someone who’s outgrown the old baseball glove, repurpose it! Add it to a shelf along with other baseball memorabilia, like trophies. Old, unused baseball cards can also be framed for a quick, simple wall decoration.


Nail Polish Candle Holders

You’ll want your house to have fresh, summery scents like sea-breeze and fresh laundry. Why not put the candles into these delightful colorful homemade candle holders? They’re so simple to make, using nail polish and marbling techniques.


Homemade Aquarium (Fish Not Required)

Even if you don’t own or even want fish, a small aquarium is a nice inclusion to make your home look stylish. Take a large-ish jar, and fill it with small rocks or pebbles that you washed. Then, add in plastic seaweed, a treasure chest . . . anything that you would put in a normal aquarium. You can even add plastic fish, if you want. Then, seal the jar and place on a shelf.


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