Is it time to buy a home of your own? While buying a house isn’t right for everyone, there are many benefits to homeownership such as cost savings, privacy and remodeling to create your dream space! So, if you are ready to buy a house in Charleston, SC, or the surrounding area, now may be the best time to do so! Of course, you probably have questions such as, how many bedrooms would I want? What style of kitchen would make me the happiest? How big will I want my front and back yard to be? And while these questions are essential, there are other things to consider before you make an offer on a house. Here are the things to look for to truly land the home of your dreams!


Location, Location, Location

The good thing about purchasing a house is that you can change anything about it that you don’t like after closing is completed. But, the one thing you can’t change is your neighborhood so make sure the area meets your expectations. When you go house hunting, consider the potential home's proximity to your work, the charm and cleanliness of the neighborhood (because the curbside appeal is important for your future sale), its safety, any noise from neighbors or traffic, as well as access to parks, shopping, schools, and public transportation.


Does Size Really Matter?

You may be thinking about buying your dream home but is your dream home realistic for your current needs as well as your budget? Will you really need four bedrooms and four baths if you are currently single, or would a starter home, townhouse, or condo better fit your present needs? Think about how the potential home will be used and whether it will fit your lifestyle now and in the future. A good rule of thumb is that an extra bedroom is always a safe bet, as it can be used for a home office, craft studio, or guest room.


Meals & Memories

The kitchen is known as the heart of every home so don't settle for one that doesn’t “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say. Yes, kitchens can be remodeled but it can be very costly, so find one that will be easier to give a facelift to if needed. 


True Life: I’m a Hoarder

Do you have a lot of storage bins that will need to be hidden away? Older homes tend to have little closets and not much storage space, however, they will most likely have attics (it’s a southern thing). If you have a lot of sports equipment, craft supplies, out-of-season clothes, and holiday decorations, be sure you know where all this will fit in your new home.


This Little Light of Mine…

Do you love a bright sunny room or do you love privacy? Either way, you will want to check out the windows and lighting fixtures! If you are more into natural light, you will want to make sure that all the rooms have the windows and sunshine you are needing. If you prefer to take the electrical route, make sure there are enough outlets and fixtures (or places to install them) to accommodate your needs whenever you move in. 


The Finishing Touches

Ultimately, every house you look at will have pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide for yourself which aspects you can’t live without, which ones you can’t live with and which ones you’re willing to compromise on. But, before you make an offer, be sure to do a walkthrough and check that all the appliances work, test all the outlets in the house, take a peek at the electrical panel, open and close all the windows and doors, and test the toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers, and check for any leaks or cracks in the ceilings, walls, or under the sink. 


Find Your Dream House With Team Lail-Chambers!

If you’re planning to be a homeowner one day in Charleston, SC, the best thing you can do is start preparing now by keeping these specific elements of a home in mind. Call Team Lail-Chambers today & determine if now is the time for you to buy! The staff here at Team Lail-Chambers, led by Bob Chambers & Pheobe Lail-Chambers, are well-acquainted with Charleston & the Lowcountry & are happy to help you decide on the best neighborhood for you & your family. We work hard to match you with a home you'll love. Contact us today! We are ready & waiting to help you find your perfect Charleston home!