We love downtown Charleston. It’s a vibrant community that oozes local flavor, exciting shopping, and gorgeous waterside views. However, not everyone wants to live in a city. Some prefer the quieter, more leisurely pace of nearby suburbia. For these people, the city is exciting and fun to visit, but perhaps not the right fit for living there. Fortunately, there are plenty of great places to live in the Lowcountry! These wonderful towns near Charleston, SC offer all the comforts of suburban living with the added benefit of living close to downtown Charleston. Here are some highlights if you’re looking to live in the area!

Excellent Towns Near Charleston, SC:

Mount Pleasant

South Carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and Mount Pleasant is no exception! Take a jog up the Arthur Ravenel Bridge (a popular spot for runners!) and gaze out over the Cooper River. Or, head to the peaceful and secluded Sullivan’s Island for a beachside sunset. You can’t get sights like these anywhere else! There are also tons of stores, fitness centers, recreational spots, and all the amenities you could ask for! There’s no shortage of things to do and see or ways to spend your time. Why not try out a new hobby at the tennis club? Or, take your pooch out for a pampered spa day at the doggy daycare? The choices are endless!

Daniel Island

Do you want to live in a place that’s truly exquisite? Do you want to wake up every morning in a place with friendly neighbors, charming views, and a relaxing atmosphere? Then you want to check out Daniel Island, South Carolina. Located near Mount Pleasant and downtown Charleston, Daniel Island, SC has everything you could want in a Lowcountry neighborhood. When you move here, you will see why residents love it so much. Not everyone enjoys living in a fast-paced city environment. Many of us just want to live in a place that’s friendly and reminds us of the more easy-going, simpler times. Daniel Island, SC is that relaxation paradise! Here, you can enjoy waterfront views from your own front porch and take a quick bike ride to your local grocer and restaurants. You will get to know your neighbors like they were your family, and with a wide array of activities and amenities, there’s no shortage of fun and good times to pursue!

Johns Island

Johns Island, SC is one of the fastest-growing communities in Charleston County. Just 10-20 miles from downtown Charleston (depending on where you live), this premier location is becoming quite popular with home buyers due to its quiet, easygoing community. Johns Island has some of the best beaches and allows its residents a direct link to a day full of sand, sun, and waves! There are also grocery stores, plenty of businesses, and restaurants, and you can still experience downtown Charleston living very easily without driving for hours! Also, one of the most well-known attractions is on Johns Island and that is the infamous Angel Oak Tree. Estimated to be around 400-500 years old, this massive oak tree measures its longest branch at 187 feet from tip to tip!

West Ashley

There are many beautiful areas to live in; however, one of the top places has always been West Ashley. Its close proximity to downtown Charleston ~ without the downtown Charleston congestion or prices ~ has always made it a lovely place for families, retirees, and young professionals. West Ashley, formally known as West of the Ashley, is a vibrant district of Charleston located on “the other side” of the Ashley River. Bordered by scenic marshes and waterfront vistas of the Ashley and Stono Rivers, this suburb offers unlimited options for outdoor amenities. It also has easy access to several beaches, plenty of shopping and dining options, and the historic Plantation District to appeal to residents of all ages!

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