There is no shortage of advice and opinions when it comes to buying and selling homes. One such opinion is the one that says selling a home in the winter season is a bad idea. There are benefits to selling your home in the winter that you may not realize. If you are a homeowner thinking of relocating to a different home that better fits your needs, now can be the perfect time to do so. When the weather is cooler, some home sellers decide to take their homes off of the market until spring. Other homeowners who are thinking of selling their homes, decide to wait until the prime real estate season to list. But, is this a wise choice? Can you sell your home in the colder months? The answer is, yes! Surprisingly, now may be one of the best times to sell your home. Here are a few reasons why!


Some Houses Show Better in the Winter Months

Some homes just have a warm cozy feel to them either due to their architecture or due to the way it is decorated. Big fireplaces invite buyers to imagine sitting in front of them on a cold winter night. This sort of inspiration can’t happen during the spring and summer months, especially in Charleston, SC!


Less Competition Equals Motivated Buyers

Competition may be less right now. Fewer houses tend to be on the market in the fall and winter which can lead to higher demand in closing on your house! This is because many sellers want to avoid moving during the holiday season and prefer to move when it is warmer. So, if the right home comes along, a motivated buyer is ready to make an offer. This also gives you more room to negotiate when accepting an offer on your house.


You’ll Get Closer to Your Asking Price

The fact that there is less inventory and fewer choices for buyers during the winter months, selling your house in the winter can get you a higher price. If your home is priced competitively and shows well, winter buyers will be less likely to try and negotiate the price down. Since they have fewer options, they are less likely to risk losing out on a good home at a fair price. During the more active and competitive summer months, buyers are more likely to have a couple of properties they are interested in, so they feel more compelled to negotiate the price and conditions.


Maintenance and Inspections 

Late spring through early fall (May through September) is by far the busiest time of year for maintenance service companies. So, now that the weather has turned cooler, this is the perfect time to get home inspections done and completed quickly! This can create a faster turnaround for selling your home. 


Are You Ready to Explore Your Options With Team Lail-Chambers?

If you’ve been in your home for 5-10 years or more or looking to purchase your first home, now is the time to explore your options. The staff here at Team Lail-Chambers, led by Bob Chambers and Pheobe Lail-Chambers, are well-acquainted with Charleston and the Lowcountry and are happy to help you decide on the best neighborhood for you and your family. We work hard to match you with a home you'll love. Contact us today! We are ready and waiting to help you find your perfect Charleston, SC home!