There’s no doubt that this year has been an amazing point in time in the housing market if you are a seller, especially in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re a homeowner thinking of relocating to a different home that better fits your needs, now is the perfect time to do so. When you’re ready to purchase a new house, low mortgage rates are in your favor & the high buyer demand may give you the advantage you need to negotiate better contract terms for the purchase of your home. So what is causing all of these benefits for the seller, & why is there so much opportunity for homeowners to sell in Charleston, SC?


Lower Inventory

There is a lot of interest whenever it comes to residing in the lowcountry. An average of 38 people move to Charleston, SC each day & the high buyer interest is creating an imbalance between supply & demand. So, now is the time to enter the market! Selling your house now will allow you to receive the most attention for your house, resulting in you receiving an offer quicker, & getting your house off the market as soon as possible. It is a good situation to take advantage of before more listings come to the market later in the year.


More Bidding Wars

Due to the high demand of living in Charleston, SC, potential homebuyers are entering into bidding wars more so than usual. Whenever prospective buyers find a house they are truly in love with, they are more likely to become more open-minded & generous with their offers to purchase your home. This gives the home seller the best opportunity to find a buyer who is willing to be flexible with matters such as contingencies, renovations, & more. Also working with a trusted agent (*ahem*) is the best way to determine how to best navigate this process.


Days On the Market

In today’s market, sellers aren’t waiting very long to find a buyer for their house. In Charleston, SC, the average house is on the market for only 43 days, with some homes closing in quickly as 31 days! That’s a major increase from last year’s numbers which had an average selling time of 67 days. So bottom line, if you are thinking of selling your house, now is the time to do so.


Choose Team Lail-Chambers for the Best Home Selling Experience!

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